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  • Medica 2018 Attendance

    Color Seven attends Medica 2018 on Nov 12-15

    With our steady seller menstrual pain treatment device ‘Color DNA-WSF’,

    Our new health patch ‘VPOD’ will be introduced to European visitors and buyers.

  • 2018 Consumer Goods Showcase Korea Attendance

    2018 Consumer Goods Showcase Korea Attendance

    Consumer Goods Showcase Korea is among the largest consumer goods export fairs in Korea attended by major global distributors including 500 major global buyers and 1,000 Korean consumer goods companies. It features various conferences on consumer goods, e-commerce, and export consultation.

    Please visit Color Seven Booth during the exhibition and experience menstrual pain treatment device WSF and new launching products.


    Date : JUN 04 - JUN 05 2018

    Place : COEX, SEOUL Hall C (3F) Beauty & Health Zone I-11

  • KIMES 2018

    Color Seven attends KIMES 2018 next week. COEX, SEOUL We have arranged lots of meeting points with various buyers and would introduce light therapy technologies to visitors during the exhibition.

  • Color Seven Arab Health 2018 attandence

    Color Seven attended Arab Health 2018 during Jan 29 - Feb 01 We could meet many buyers from Middle-East, South West Asia and could check high business possibility with them. We wish you could be with Color Seven for 2018 new year.

  • [Event] Light Therapy Seminar in Dusseldorf, Germany

    Color Seven hold seminar about light therapy product during Medica Exhibition. Light therapy history and theories presentation drew attention of participants. And after the presentation there were various talks about light therapy market and new products.

  • [Notice] My Style Trend Fair 2017 Attendance

    Color Seven attended 2017 My Style Trend Fair which is held in Korea, Kintex Exhibition Center. (Nov 09-11) As you know, Medica is on progress and there couldn't be much concentration on this exhibition, but many visitors dropped by our booth and we had various talk about light therapy products and its markets.
    Thank you for interest on Color Seven products again.  

  • Medica 2017 Attendance / Light Therapy Seminar

    Colorseven would attend Medica 2017 in Dusseldorf (Nov 13-16)

    With our steady seller 'Woman Stress Free'

    we would also introduce new light therapy products to our visitors.

    And on second day of exhibition, we would hold small seminar about light therapy.

    Please visit our booth and if you have interest in our light therapy seminar, please let us know by e-mail for further talk.

    Booth Location : Hall 16, Stand D65

    Seminar Room Location : Tulip Inn Event Loge 100m2

    Seminar Time : Nov 14th 17:00-19:00

  • Colorseven hold small forum on AUG 20

    Colorseven hold small forum on AUG 20 with pharmacists at Seoul Gangnam Hotel. There was various discussion about Woman Stress Free pharmacy marketing strategy and future of light therapy market. Colorseven is expanding korea domestic offline sales channels and hope customers' good health condition with WSF device. Thank you.

  • 9th Korean Health Teachers Association research seminar. (Aug 8th)

    9th Korean Health Teachers Association research seminar. (Aug 8th)
    Colorseven participated in 9th Korean Health Teachers Association research seminar. There were discussion about School Health and Sexuality Education for korean teenage students during the seminar. Color Seven introduced 'woman stress free' and explained its products role for korean teenage students. 


    Color Seven is setting display of WSF on Korea Local Pharmacy  It lists are as below. 
    Osan - Miso Pharmacy Hwasung - Dongtan Woori Pharmacy Suwon - Sion Nuri Pharmacy Suwon - Slim Pharmacy Seongnam -  Pankyo Ehwa Pharmacy Seongnam - Y&I Pharmacy Seoul - Seven Pharmacy

  • Color Seven CTO Dr Kim attends the policy forum of medical seminar on June 26th

    Dr Kim, Color Seven CTO and Doctor of Bio Medical Engineering, attends the policy forum of medical seminar which is held in National Assembly Seminar Room on June 26th for medical university professors including OB-GYN as a keynoter. About Seminar agenda ‘next generation medical convergence technology for health promotions of woman, teenager’, Dr Kim would introduce light therapy instruments which is under development by Color Seven and various discussion will be followed about technological development of medical instrument.

  • 2017 Korea Premium Goods Expo in Poland Warsaw Attendance (Jun 29-30)

    Woman Stress Free of Color Seven is chosen as Korea Representative Medical Instrument for Korea Premium Goods Expo which is held in Poland Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science from 29th of June to 30th of June.

    Color Seven would have a business meeting with several Poland and Europe leading medical companies to discuss on product distribution and future business partnership.

  • COLOR SEVEN 2017 Korea Consumer Goods Showcase Attendance

    Color Seven attended Korea Consumer Goods Showcase 2017 and we had lots visit from our customers including Biodyne Japan, Estek Brazil, Faberlic Russia, ASN Japan, Eureka Kuweit. Also Thailand and Indonesia Home Shopping Channel Person visited our booth and shared ideas about our product to Asia market.


    WSF was located Beauty and Health pavilion in the Exhibition Hall and was together with Korea innovative beauty and health items which will be main export goods for coming years. We appreciate for the interest on WSF during the exhibition and we will share more news related with Asia Market. 

  • 42th Dubai International medical device exhibition (Arab Health 2017) Color Seven Attendance.

    From Jan 30th to Feb 2th, 4 days, Color Seven attended international medical device exhibition ‘Arab Health 2017’ which is held at UAE Dubai International Convention Center.

    Arab Health 2017 is largest medical device exhibition in Middle East Market. 70 Countries, 4,400 companies attended and also many buyers from Africa, India participated this exhibition.

    Color Seven showed world first light therapy ‘Woman Stress Free’ and had lots of visits from buyers during the exhibition. We had around 140 business meetings including Continental Group, SADRA, FZ Medical, OBS health solutions, Team Med, Growth Vector, Vertech Health Solutions, Fuji Denolo. They showed high praise on our product and gave positive response for Middle Eastern markets.

    Thank you for the interest about Arab Health 2017 attendance so that it could be ended in great success.

  • 48th Germany Düsseldorf Medical Exhibition Color Seven Attendance News.

    Nov 14-17 2016, at Germany Düsseldorf Exhibition Center,

    48th Germany Düsseldorf Medical Exhibition is held.

    This is world largest medical exhibition with annual around 130,000 visitors.

    This time, 70 countries, 5,000 companies attended and Color Seven was with 220 korea companies as korea pavilion independently.  

    Korea companies got fame with 7th rank per number of companies attendance for the exhibition.

    Especially, Color Seven’s light therapy device for menstrual pain got big interest from European buyers including Group Sonologistics-Poland, Difar-Italy, Homedics Group-USA, Mesowelt-Germany.

    Color Seven could see positive response from European Market and plan to go into European market with aggressive promotion for our product and technology.

    Thank you for the continuous interest and support.

  • 26th FIME (Florida International Medical Expo) 2016 Attendance News.

    Color Seven attended to FIME 2016 in US

  • [Press Release] Health Insider : Light Treatment for Menstrual Pain

    Light Treatment for Menstrual Pain [video]

    Korean firm Color Seven has developed a wearable device to relieve menstrual pain using low-level light stimulation called Woman Stress Free. Menstrual pain often afflicts women and girls, but the intensity and impact on quality of life vary widely. A cross-sectioned analytical study found that 84 percent reported menstrual pain which often required medication and even resulted in missing work.

    Many women rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but some prefer to avoid their undesirable side-effects. Other common menstrual pain management methods, according to the National Institutes of Health, include: applying heat with hot water bottles or heating pads, warm baths, or going to the sauna; special diets and dietary supplements; herbal products and herbal teas for medicinal use; homeopathic medicines; and procedures which target pain stimulus such as acupuncture, acupressure or TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Woman Stress Free adds another alternative to targeting the pain source with low-level light stimulation applied at acupuncture points.

    The technology in Woman Stress Free improves blood flow and thereby reduces menstrual cramps with via photo-activated modulation of smooth muscle tissue. The device itself, which is labeled Color DNA, has two light probes that at first look like ear buds attached to the device by a thin wire. The probes are held in place on acupuncture points on the abdomen with adhesive. The light from the probe is emitted for a fixed amount of time. The light stimulation reaches the uterus and increases the secretion of nitrous oxide (NO). The NO spreads over the smooth muscle in the uterine cells and under continuous light stimulation produces a phosphate particle called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). These particles continuously flow out and relax the smooth muscles so they receive oxygen and nutrition.

    In a study published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, subjects using the low-level light therapy (LLLT) showed statistically significant reduction in pain levels after a month and barely any pain after three months. This compares to a placebo group that showed slight pain reduction over time. The study concluded that “skin adhesive LLLT on acupuncture points might be an effective, simple, and safe non-pharmacological treatment for dysmenorrhoea.”

    Color 7 also claims Woman Stress Free can help with back pain, nausea, depression, thoracodynia, and stomach ache. The device is approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and also for sale in Europe, according to the company. There is currently no FDA clearance for Woman Stress Free.

  • KIMES 2016, 17th to 20th March, Coex, Hall C (3F, C102)

    KIMES 2016, 32nd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show, will be held from 17th to 20th March, 2016.

    The Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition place is COEX Convention & Exhibition Center.

    You’ll find the opportunity to discover the latest advances in Medical, Hospital, Medical equipment, Medical Device and Healthcare industry at this key Trade Show, Fair Exhibition.

    Color Seven Booth will be at on Hall C (3F, C102)

  • Participation MEDICA 2015 (16~19/ Nov. 2015)

    Color Seven attended Medica 2015 which is held in dusseldorf, Germany from 16th of Nov to 19th of Nov.

    With this 2nd visit to Medica, we got big interest and lots of responds from foreign buyers (including Germany Clue, Spain Quirumed, France Altios) and Obstetrics and gynaecology professinals. And Color Seven's unique technology PAMS got again great reputation from visitors.

    It was good chance for Color Seven to proceed to better stage,

    and we hope all of our customers to keep big attention and continuous support to our future.

  • MEDICA 2015 (HALL 16D65)/ 16~19 NOV. 2015

    Woman Stress Free of Color Seven is chosen as Korea Representative Medical Instrument for Medica 2015 which is held in dusseldorf, Germany from 16th of Nov to 19th of Nov.

    Color Seven would have a business meeting with several Europe leading medical companies to discuss on product distribution and future business partnership.
    Color Seven will be waiting your visit  in MEDICA 2015.